This tutorial was created for Callimachus 1.3 and may not work with the latest version.

Welcome to the Callimachus Developers Tutorial! You will soon know how to build Linked Data applications using Callimachus.

This tutorial walks you through the creation of an address book application on the Callimachus platform. By the time you complete it you will have a completely functional Linked Data address book.

You will need to have an account on either a Callimachus Open Source or Callimachus Enterprise instance. Your account will need to have appropriate permissions to create folders and other content. There are at least three ways you can get an account:

  1. Get a free trial of Callimachus Enterprise. You can sign up for a free Callimachus Enterprise trial account at The free trial will include the tutorial inclusive of the extended material appropriate for Callimachus Enterprise.
  2. Use your own copy of Callimachus Enterprise. Callimachus Enterprise customers have access to this tutorial as a Callimachus Archive (CAR) file that may be imported into a new Callimachus folder. Please see your Callimachus administrator to be given an account and the tutorial materials.
  3. Use Callimachus Open Source. You may download Callimachus Open Source from and a Callimachus Archive (CAR) file from the 3 Round Stones support site. Set up an initial account in accordance with the documentation. Install the tutorial materials by making a new Callimachus folder and selecting "Import folder contents" from the main menu. Upload the tutorial CAR file at the prompt to install the tutorial materials.

You might also want to review the developer prerequisites in the Callimachus documentation. The prerequisites provide a handy summary of technologies that Callimachus supports, including those we will use in this tutorial.

When you are ready, follow these steps to install the tutorial if you don't already have it:

  1. Download the tutorial Callimachus ARchive (CAR) file.
  2. Make a new folder.
  3. Import the CAR file into your new folder.
  4. Select the file called "tutorial" and start reading!

Don't forget to have fun.  Callimachus development is so quick that it can be a good time.  Please tell us when you create something awesome.

There is a short video showing how the developers tutorial may be installed on your own Callimachus instance.